Shades of Green

MountainsAt Blackburn Cabins, our mission is to supply guests with a comfortable place to relax in the Kennicott Valley. While providing a worry-free stay, we have always worked to keep in mind the impact we have on our environment. Even during the construction process, we sourced local or locally recycled material. What we were not able to complete ourselves, we hired locally for. We worked to furnish the cabins with vintage or antique items, not only giving them a distinguished feel, but also avoiding the purchase of new items or causing more items to end up in a landfill.

Our bed linens and towels are comprised of organic cotton or bamboo, a more easily renewable resource. Our kitchens and bathrooms use only natural or biodegradable soaps.  We wash our laundry with biodegradable detergents, and sheets and towels are line dried in the sunshine. To assist with these efforts, we ask that you reuse your sheets for the duration of your visit.

As much as possible, we get our electric from the sun. All of our electrical power is produced, stored, and used on site via solar panels as well as a backup generator. We use as much natural lighting as possible, with clear roofs in our shower house to minimize necessary lighting. In all other fixtures, we use low wattage LED bulbs. While solar power is limited, we know that having a charged phone is important to you. To conserve energy, each cabin is equipped only with USB charging for your phone and other small gadgets. Television and computers do not go hand in hand with backcountry experience, and we hope that these limitations will only encourage you to go out and explore.

We are lucky to have a constant supply of well water running to cabin sinks and showers. This water was likely Porphyry Mountain snow hours earlier, but we additionally have a water filtration system for drinking water in each cabin. Even our on-demand hot water heaters are eco-friendly, operating efficiently and consuming 60% less energy than conventional tank water heaters.

In an effort to minimize waste as well as trips to the nearest landfill (which is 130 miles away in Glennallen!), we have a system to recycle plastic and aluminum.  We burn paper, compost organic waste, and dispose of the remaining items.

Please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions regarding our eco-friendly practices!

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