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What sets Blackburn Cabins apart? Rated the #1 Best Value for Lodging in the McCarthy/Kennicott area, Blackburn Cabins are located within walking distance of downtown McCarthy and the Toe of the Glacier.  We even have a bus stop to catch the shuttle between McCarthy and Kennicott, just a 5 minute walk from the Cabins!

Where are the Cabins located? Nested into woods near Toe of Glacier, we are located along the Wagon Road between McCarthy and Kennicott. We are just about a mile out of McCarthy, and about 4 miles from Kennicott. From where you park your car at the footbridge, we are just over a mile. But not to worry, we offer a ride to and from the footbridge when you arrive and take off on your next adventure!

How do I get from the footbridge to Blackburn Cabins?  We won’t leave you (and your cooler!) stranded. When you arrive, we will arrange to pick you and your things up from the footbridge and bring you back to the cabins to get checked in. We will also arrange and give you a ride back to the footbridge when head out and on to your next adventure!

How do I get to McCarthy? Fly! Drive! Or shuttle! The nearest major airport is in Anchorage. From there, most folks rent a car and make the 8 hour drive to McCarthy. Car rental agencies that allow their cars on the McCarthy Road include Alaska 4×4, A1, Go North Car & RV RentalMidnight Sun, Budget, Alaska Adventure, Alaska Express, or Levi. Or if you’re really up for an adventure, rent a motorcycle from Alaska Motorcycle Adventures and ride right up to the front door of your cabin.  If you’d rather not drive yourself, you can take a shuttle bus with Overflow Transit or Copper Spike Transport. And if you’d prefer to not be in a car at all, you can fly in with Copper Valley Air on their bi-weekly (every Monday and Thursday) mail plane or charter a private flight with Wrangell Mountain Air.

How can I get from McCarthy to Kennicott? The options are walking, biking, or taking a shuttle bus. We provide transportation to and from the footbridge upon arrival and departure.  You may also take one of the shuttles between McCarthy and Kennicott. They are operated by the Blackburn Heritage Foundation and Copper Town Shuttle, and run hourly during the peak of the season.

What’s the best time to visit the area?  While we welcome guests year-round, the bar (the first food option to open and the last to close) is open May 15 – September 15.  Within that range, shuttles, shops, guides services, restaurants, etc. are open for the season!

What does your kitchenette include?  An old miner would have been in the lap of luxury with a kitchen like this! Our kitchenette includes a sink with running water, drinking water filtration system, single burner cooktop, dishes, glasses, and silverware. Outside, we have shared gas grills with plenty of pots and pans.  We’ve even got coolers that you are welcome to borrow!

Tell me more about your bathroom facilities!  Our outhouses are truly Alaskan Outhouses! They are open and airy, yet private. With a good view of the nature to boot! And most importantly, our multiple 2-stall shower houses have unlimited hot water, a real luxury in this neck of the woods!

How long should we stay in McCarthy?  We always recommend staying in the area for at least 2 nights.  With the long way here and so much to do here (see below!), the biggest regret we hear is not staying long enough to enjoy it all!

What kind of activities are there to do in the area? McCarthy and Kennicott are known for the Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Kennecott Historic Mines.
For other activities, we recommend:

Feel free to ask us about what to do in the area. We can help steer you in the right direction!

Are there restaurants in town? It’s been said that some of the best food in Alaska is found in McCarthy! There are a lot of restaurants around town. Don’t worry, it’s a small town, you’ll find em all! Coming on and off the glacier in Kennicott, Meatza Wagon food is world famous. There’s always something happening at The Potato.  Of course, there’s always The Golden Saloon.  Anywhere you eat, it’ll be a treat!

Is there a store in the area? There is a small general store in McCarthy that has the basics. You can buy everything you need to cook up a meal back at the grill at the cabins, or for a packed lunch out on a day hike!

Where can I find PBR?  Wayne at Chitna Liquor in Chitina can hook you up.  Bring cash!

Is there gas available for sale in McCarthy? We recommend filling up in Chitina, at the start of the McCarthy Road. Just count on no, but in an emergency, it can be found. It is the end of the road, you know!

What time is Check In and Check Out? Check In from 2-9pm and Check Out from 8-11am. Late night check ins and early morning check outs can incur a fee – But we’re pretty flexible. It’s your vacation!

Do you get internet at Blackburn Cabins? To keep you connected, we do offer Wi-Fi at our Office! Some phone services work out here (Verizon, CVT, and Sprint is hit-or-miss). There is also a Copper Valley Telephone Wi-Fi available in McCarthy and Kennicott. And sometimes it’s possible to find Wi-Fi at local restaurants around town.

What do you do with garbage? The answer is that everything that comes in here has to go out, get burned, or buried. We ask that if possible, you take you trash with you. If not, we recycle aluminum cans, and burn paper and toilet paper. The rest is stored in bear-safe containers until it can be hauled out to the nearest landfill, which is 130 miles away!

Is there a place to stay halfway between McCarthy and Anchorage? We recommend our friends Eric and Cynthia at Glennallen’s Rustic Resort B&B, and Patty at Golden Spruce Cabins!

Along the McCarthy Road!  At the Visitor’s Center in Copper Center, stop for a CD that gives a history of the McCarthy Road to play along your drive.  Under the Kuskalana Bridge, there is a small walking bridge.  You can also check out a little cabin under the Gilahina trestle.  At 34.5 mile, the Crystalline Hills Trail winds 2 miles to give some great views!

Are you pet friendly? We travel with our black dog Tuesday, so we understand: it’s great to have them share in the adventure! We do allow 2 pets/cabin, have a fee of $25/pet/night, and they must be registered before you arrive.  We have a select couple of cabins that are pet friendly, and if you arrive unexpectedly with a dog, we will have to charge you a $100 fee on top of the pet fee.  We must respect our cabins and the allergies of future guests.  We ask that they not hang out on the beds and that you not leave them unattended, unless given prior approval. Guests are responsible for all property damages and/or personal injuries resulting from their pets.

Are there any good places to fish out here?  We’re not ones to give away anyone’s secret fishing spot, but we’ve heard there are spots along the McCarthy Road at Strelna and Silver Lakes.  It might also be worth casting a line at Long Lake.  We’ve also heard that you can usually get charters on the Tonsina River, at Mile 79 of the Richardson Highway.

More Questions?  Check out the Kennecott-McCarthy Visitors Guide.

Can you see Russia from McCarthy? I’ve climbed the highest ridge in the valley here (albeit not near the highest ridge in the Wrangell Mountains). Although it was a very clear day, I still was unable to see Russia. Maybe next time I’ll try a higher ridge.

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